THIS IS HOW WE DO: Manufacturing

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There's so much to talk about after a 3 year hiatus, but there's one thing we really want you to know with this first blogpost, and the first part of our 'This Is How We Do' series, where we will be offering a behind the scenes at the process of running a brand.


While LITW has and will release plenty of garments and accessoires, our core product will always be T-Shirts. In our first five years, and while LITW was just a side-project to founder/creative director Davy Denduyver (still a student at the time). We printed on basically every blank T-shirt in the market. Which translated to our manufacturing costs, which then translated into our selling price.

During the FW15-16 collection, we sold T-shirts at the price of 30 euros. They sold well and in everything LITW ever made was sold out. However, by that time, founder Davy wasn't feeling challenged by printing designs on existing garments anymore. When he graduated as a graphic designer in 2016, he started looking looking for a bigger challenge, which he found in developing his own T-shirts while putting LITW on hold for a certain time.

We have and will release plenty of products that are not T-shirts, but a good tee will always be our core product. It’s the one thing you wear to show what subculture you belong to and it’s the one item we believe 90% of the population wears everyday. With this in mind, Denduyver started to work on LITW 2.0 and focussed on manufacturing his own T-shirts. Keep in mind, the LITW founder had (and has) zero background in garment design or whatsoever. After years of research, he found the right factory in Portugal. While visiting, Davy talked to both owners and workers, to find out about its working conditions.

Today, we are proud to say we have developed our own T-shirts in the Portuguese factory mentioned above. Our tees are composed of a heavyweight, 240g/m2 100% cotton fabric, and feature the perfect oversized fit. They are made in the same factory as your favorite designer brand. 

Creating a product at a high-quality level like this while still keeping low stock does not come cheap. We care about pollution and want to give our customers the best possible product, which means we cannot afford to stay the streetwear brand that sells T-shirts at 30 bucks. As we’ve grown older, we learned more about the environment and how the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Therefore, we choose consciously and opt for a less polluted fashion industry and a better quality closet. 

There's definitely European factories that could offer the same quality, sewing and working conditions. But the sad truth is that these factories have really high minimum order quantities. LITW is still a very small player, and we simply don't have the ambition to be a mass-market brand. 

As we grow and develop further, we hope to share more insights with you and unlock more possibilities at different manufactures. While growing we’ll always be looking for opportunities to make different and better garments for both our planet as our customers. 

This is a process of many years, and we're incredibly proud of our process so far.

We really want to take our time to thank our original audience, for giving us the opportunity to write a new chapter in LITW's book. Besides our 'original' audience, a huge thank you to our new audience is in order. We are incredibly humbled by the response we have gotten so far, and we promise you this is just the beginning.

Thank you for reading this, and more importantly, thank you for caring.